clothes swap party in Nienburg

The cloth swap party will be held outside in front of the Environmental Center.

Registration not required. Just come over (:

Environmental Center (BUND Nienburg)

There is an indoor toilet and we will also provide indoor locker rooms. Unfortunately, however, the toilets are not accessible by wheelchair.

Hygiene concept

The clothing swap will mainly take place outside. We please you to keep 2 meters distance to other people. If you want to go to the environmental center to try something on, you have to wear a mouth-nose-protection inside. Outside it is up to you if you want to wear a mask.

Bad weather plan

The BUNDjugend Nienburg is currently working on a plan for bad weather events. Updates will be available here soon.

Handling of clothing

There is no piece limit. So you can bring as many pieces as you want to swap.

If there are clothes left over, keep one part for a further swap party and the other part will probably go to the second hand store „Fundus„.

Do you have any further questions?

Then contact us at nienburg@bundjugend-niedersachsen.de.